The B3 Team!


Jacklyn Googins / B3 Founder & Director

Jacklyn is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy at UNC. During her undergrad years, She worked as a Starbucks barista and noticed the special way coffee brings people together. Inspired by the potential of coffee to influence a culture of inclusivity, she started up B3 Coffee. She directs and oversees B3 from coast to coast (Chapel Hill, NC to San Diego)


Julia Moluf / Project Manager of B3 San Diego

Julia  Moluf is a senior at San Diego State University majoring in Speech,  Language and Hearing Sciences. She successfully replicated the B3 model  in San Diego during March of 2019. She is currently interning at  Make-A-Wish San Diego and hopes to enter the nonprofit sector after  graduating this May. When not working on B3, she can be found doing  puzzles, hanging with her roommates or working at Starbucks (the love  for coffee never stops!!).


Hannah Steen / Project Manager of B3 at UNC-Chapel Hill

Hannah is a Junior at UNC majoring in Linguistics and pursuing a career as a Speech Language Pathologist. She got involved with B3 Coffee at the initial interest meeting and has continued job coaching and leading ever since. She now serves as UNC's Best Buddies Associate Member Coordinator and the B3 UNC Project Manager!

B3 Chapel Hill


Max / B3 Barista

Max plays an integral role on the B3 team: he is responsible for grinding all of the coffee beans and making our drip coffee. Max loves basketball, history, and his job working at a local burger shack. He also enjoys learning listening to oldies music, especially Bobby Darin. We value his many important contributions to the B3 team! 


Sam / Cashier

Sam is a respected member of the B3 team; he is responsible for ensuring that our customers have a pleasurable experience at our pop-up events. His role includes, but is not limited to, taking orders, relaying orders to baristas, and simply chatting with the B3 guests to make them feel welcome. He enjoys playing basketball and other sports outside of B3 Coffee. We appreciate all he does for our B3 Team!


Anna / B3 Barista

Meet Anna, a second year Barista at UNC Chapel Hill! Anna specializes  in  the  French Press brewing method, however, her contributions to B3 extend far beyond that. You can always count on  Anna for passionately conveyed stories, excellent teamwork, self advocacy, and any kind of sports update. She has been promoted to French Press Coffee Coach  this Fall! Thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm, Anna.


Lucia / B3 Barista

Lucia is our pour-over master! She started volunteering at B3 with prior experience at 321 coffee, so she quickly became a leader on the team and started helping us train new baristas! She is very patient and diligent, qualities that serve her well in making a carefully crafted, delicious cup of coffee! Lucia is very active member of local organizations like Gigi's playhouse, Special Olympics, and Best Buddies. We're thankful for the many ways she serves and brightens our community!


Joey / Director of Customer Experience

Meet Joey, a second year Barista at B3 Chapel Hill! Joey serves as the B3 Director of Customer Experience. His passion for informing people about B3 and our mission is truly reflective of his spirit. Joey always greets people with  warm friendliness and his own carefully  crafted description of B3.  We can  always count on Joey to come  up  with  ideas on how to improve and grow as a B3 team. Joey, we appreciate your leadership and ambition!


Brian / B3 Barista

Brian can most often be found dispensing drip coffee, preparing cups with sleeves and lids, and carrying out the very important task of handing off drinks to customers– with a smile! Brian knows just about everything there is to know when it comes to Disney or Pixar movies–we definitely recommend striking up a conversation with him about your favorite animated character! We're honored to have Brian on the B3 team. 


Brandon / B3 Barista

Meet Brandon, a first-year Barista at B3 Chapel Hill. Brandon is always eager to lend a helping hand and to learn more about the various specialty brewing methods. Brandon is involved with a wide range of operations, including setting-up for pop-ups, grinding the coffee beans, dispensing coffee, and trying out the Pour Over and French Press. If any of the B3 Teammates need assistance, Brandon will be the first to swoop in and help. The B3 team values your hard work and diligence, Brandon!


Laurel / B3 Barista & Cashier

Meet Laurel, a second-year Barista at B3 Chapel Hill! Laurel is an excellent addition to the B3 team due to her constant positivity, spontaneity, coffee recommendations, and customer service  expertise. When we asked Laurel what she liked about B3 she said "I like making coffee and meeting  people." Laurel, the B3 team values your friendship and continuous role in our mission!


Gabe / B3 Barista

Meet Gabe, a second-year Barista at UNC Chapel Hill. Not only does Gabe volunteer as a Barista, he also bakes delicious chocolate chip cookies for the pop-up events! Gabe always serves his specialty French Press coffee with a big smile and positive attitude. Gabe, the B3 Team appreciates the cookies and vibrant personality you bring to our pop-ups!


Jake / B3 Barista

Meet Jake, a second-year Barista at B3 Chapel Hill. Jake is our go-to Barista for both the Pour Over and French Press. We’re pretty sure he could make Pour Overs with his eyes closed and his patience is perfect for the French Press. He’s also a huge Tarheel fan and sports blogger! The B3 Team values your skills and expertise, Jake!


Jared / B3 Barista

Meet Jared, a first-year Barista at B3 Chapel Hill. Jared’s bubbly personality and high energy make customer service a great fit for him. In addition to customer service, Jared dispenses and serves coffee and is in the process of learning the specialty brewing methods. Jared, thank you for the fun and positivity you bring to the B3 Team!

B3 San Diego

Kelsey / B3 Barista

Kelsey comes to SDSU as a first year Barista with a big smile. She excels at customer service and can be seen chatting up potential customers in the courtyard before and after her shift. She loves preparing and serving coffee, and most of all she loves drinking it. Kelsey is full of charm, and is eager to please. When not working you will find her handcycling, swimming or playing basketball.